Pelgyi Senge Dorjee Tours & Treks Pvt. Ltd.


Pelgyi Senge Dorjee tours and treks was established recently in 2014 with the approval from the Bhutan Tourism Council. It is a private limited company and aims to provide quality services.


Our philosophy is to encourage to just “ take the memories and good values from Bhutan ” keeping in mind the fragility of the natural environment and cultural heritage.


The meaning of Pelgyi Senge Dorjee is Glorious snow lion and the Thunderbolt (represents harmony between secular & religious power). Bhutan, being the Himalayas country with high mountains with snow caps, glorious snow lions are believed to be living in snow caps which were extinct long time ago. It is also one of the four powerful animals (tiger, snow lion, mythical eagle and thunder dragon which together symbolize courage, good luck, prosperity and melodious sound and restore all deficiencies in us). The snow lion represents the joyful and energized mind.

Pelgyi Senge Dorjee

Tours & Treks Pvt. Ltd.


"To provide a quality service..."


"To take good memories and values."

We Are?

  • To encourage individuals,
  • To deliver good memories, &
  • To deliver good values...


  • Pelgyi Senge Dorjee Tours
  • Changbangdu,
  • Thimphu,Bhutan

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